Benefits beyond the virus crisis?

„We’re all part of the same ecosystem. This is a global issue“ says Dennis Caroll, a US virologist.
Facing the Corona crisis, this thinking slowly enters the mainstream. To those having worked on the Convention on Biological Diversity, the sister convention of the Climate Change Convention and its inherent ecosystem approach, this is shared knowledge since decades. When I was working with the UN end of the 90s/early 2000s, we tried to rub our interdependency into delegates’ thinking, without much success. If the virus crises leads to another understanding and related activities with regard to our behaviour on a higher level, maybe it even was worth it from the hindsight. Let us be hopeful and look at new horizons.
The man who saw the pandemic coming


Nine Key Principles of Change

“In all beginnings dwells a magic force” wrote Hermann Hesse. “Nothing has to stay as it is” was added by a well-known person in a speech a couple of months  ago. In the speech, nine key principles of change were highlighted:

  1. Change begins in the mind—whether small or large.
  2. Change is possible if tackled jointly. You need to work together rather than alone. In striving to view the world through the eyes of others, you’ll often find good answers to even the most difficult of challenges.
  3. When pressure mounts to make a snap decision, take a moment to stop, be still, think and pause. Sometimes it will be difficult. Taking the time takes courage. It calls for truthfulness towards others and to being honest with yourself.
  4. It is important to gain clarity between factual and false information. Do not accept shortcomings normal.
  5. With all attention and projects focused on digitalization and technical feasibility, you might consider whether you prioritize people as individuals or whether you regard them merely as objects of business and control.
  6. Do not take any achievements for granted.
  7. Start by asking what is possible and look for things that have never been done before. Change encourages surprise—surprise at what is possible and what you’re capable of.
  8. Change bears risks. This includes to letting go of the old as a prerequisite for beginning something new.
  9. Nothing has to stay the way it is. Anything that seems to be set in stone and inalterable can change. Everything is possible.